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Corms should sprout within three to four weeks; any kept cold and moist are likely to rot.
Make a hole with your finger first and gently nest the corm so it's covered almost over with peat.
Corm -- whose collection comprises the work left in his father's studio after his death, including numerous sketches and studies and experimental and unfinished works.
Place in the sun to cure (dry), then shake off any clinging soil, break off the old corm, and store in paper bag (never plastic) in a frost-free location over winter.
Corm added that he wished the new government success, hoping to prove to the world that the democratic change is the right track for Lebanon's development.
A corm survives for only one season, reproducing via division into "cormlets" that eventually give rise to new plants.
Then the corm can be stored in a dry frost-free shed or greenhouse, until ready for repotting next year as soon as the corm starts sprouting.
This hardy corm flowers on two- to four-foot-tall stems and has sword-shaped foliage.
Space the corms at about 10-15cm apart and plant twice as deep as the corm is tall.
A corm looks like a small bulb except that it is composed of solid tissue, whereas a bulb -- of which onions are classic examples -- has layers of discreet scales wrapped around one another.
Corm Blades reportedly attain results in a shorter time with less heat generated.