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Station 1: Cork oak forest of Feid M'Rad (Western Lake), N 36[degrees]51.
To reduce the damage caused by the cork beetle (Coraebus undatus) using appropriate forestry techniques to control its populations and reduce the susceptibility of the cork oak to this pest;
Cork oak replanting provides tangible environmental benefits, but just as importantly it teaches people inside and outside our industry about the important role cork oak forests -- and natural corks -- play in the ecosystem.
It is therefore one of the major environmental changes arising from the current shift from traditional cork oak to Eucalyptus stands.
Cork is biodegradable and recyclable, and only a portion of the bark of a cork oak tree is removed to make a wine cork - the trees are not cut down.
Cork flooring is made from cork bark which is harvested from the Cork Oak tree.
org), a global campaign to raise awareness of cork's environmental benefits, today announced that it is launching a social media campaign in honor of Earth Day to help plant cork oak saplings in Melgaco, Portugal.
The bark of the cork oak is stripped, which can only be done every nine years and leaves the bare trunks a surprising orange colour.
Using cork is good for the environment because it is made from the bark of cork oak trees, it is not an oil-based product like some carpets and some other floor coverings.
Environmentalists say the demise of the Mediterranean cork oak forests would cost 70,000 jobs and threatens the habitat of the endangered Iberian lynx, Barbary deer, black vulture and the Iberian eagle.
By using cork to create Adapt Eco Cases the company is not only using renewable materials but is also helping protect the ecosystems which cork oak trees help preserve.
Between Alvito and Evora lie miles of cork oak pasture, where huge flocks of brown and white sheep graze in the shade of ancient oaks.