core particle

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core par·ti·cle

particle released by partial enzymatic digestion of chromatin.
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Crystal structure of the nucleosome core particle at 2.
The core attachment space surrounded by infinitely many 4D slices corresponds to the core particle surrounded by infinitely many small 4D particles.
10] also assert that as the stabilizing layer thickness relative to the core particle size increases, compressibility of the layer increases which decreases the interaction strength and decreases n.
5-pm solid core particles utilizing Core Enhanced Technology to take advantage of the system's 1,500 bar maximum pump pressure and flow rate up to 5 mL/min for ultra-short diffusion path lengths and highly efficient separations.
5 [micro]m solid core particles and combines the benefits of a solid core material and the increased chromatographic efficiency of a sub-2-[micro]m particle.
Polyelectrolyte brush and emulsifier are attached to core particles of latex particles, which usually stabilize the system against coagulation by negative surface charges.
The use of magnetic core particles and biodegradable polymer shell can take advantage of the properties of the two components.
Whether coating base powder particles for taste masking, improvement of flow characteristics, protection of core particles, controlled release effect or controlled dissolving time, the Hosokawa Turbulizer horizontal paddle mixer with its fully adjustable paddles is flexible in operation to suit most process requirements.
In this process, the core particles are first suspended in the liquid coating material.
Kenaf core particles are used to make panels with easy processing and in comparison to commercially available insulation panels, making it a potential raw material for low density insulation panels [20].
Containing solid core particles, which are engineered to a diameter of 2.
At the same time, the core particles are sent into the entrance of core particles by a pump and are swirled after passing the interior gyrator.