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Of the heart.
[gen. of L. cor, heart]
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On March 2, after months of rumor and speculation, Johnson & Johnson finally sold its Cordis division--manufacturer of stents, catheters and less-invasive treatments for vascular disease--to Cardinal Health Inc.
Campbell Rogers, M.D., Chief Scientific Officer and Global Head R&D at Cordis, said, "We continue to be gratified by the outstanding performance of CYPHER(R) compared with other drug-eluting stents.
The Company explained that the "biggest variable driving these results" was the "disappointing performance" of the Cordis business.
Thoracic ectopia cordis. BMJ Case Rep 2012 Sep;2012.
But for Cordis we are definitely considering Dubai and Abu Dhabi because there's a market for upscale brands," She said.
The exact reason as to why ectopia cordis occurs is not clear, but according to ( Health Line it happens because a child's breastbone (sternum) does not develop normally.
Under a long-term distribution agreement, Cordis, Cardinal Health's interventional vascular business, has been granted the rights to sell Medinol's coronary stent portfolio, which now includes the EluNIR DES and NIRxcell, a cobalt-chromium bare metal stent (BMS), in the US.
Cordis Hong Kong, towering at 42 storeys above Mongkok, offers 665 rooms and suites, comprehensive workout facilities, spacious meeting spaces and a collection of vibrant restaurants and bars including a Michelin starred Cantonese restaurant Ming Court, a modern European restaurant and bar Alibi - as well as a new outdoor food truck destination The Garage Bar.
Ectopia cordis (EC) is a rare congenital cardiac malformation defined as a defect in the anterior chest wall and abdominal wall with abnormal placement of the heart outside the thoracic cavity with associated defect in the parietal pericardium diaphragm, sternum, and in most cases cardiac malformations [1].
"According to veterinary doctors, ectopia cordis (EC) is a congenital defect of animals in which the heart is located outside the body or abnormally in the cervical region, pectoral region, or abdomen.