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A sweet aromatic liquor.
[Mediev. L. cordialis, fr. cor (cord-), heart]
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They were received with great cordiality. Nothing seemed amiss on the side of the Great House family, which was generally, as Anne very well knew, the least to blame.
The Tin Woodman received Princess Dorothy's party with much grace and cordiality, yet the little girl decided that something must be worrying with her old friend, because he was not so merry as usual.
He indicated the angle of the room farthest from the door, whither Grossmith retired, his second parting from him with a grasp of the hand which had nothing of cordiality in it.
"No malice," I answered, with all possible cordiality on my side.
Anna Pavlovna had met Kitty with affected cordiality, and had kept continual watch on her and on her husband.
I always avoid her company as much as I can without violating the laws of hospitality; but when we do speak or converse together, it is with the utmost civility, even apparent cordiality on her part; but preserve me from such cordiality!
The beginning, however, of every visit displayed none but the properest feelings, and this being of necessity so short might be hoped to pass away in unsullied cordiality. They had not been long seated and composed when Mr.
I was startled, I confess, by the alteration in his manners this morning;--he did not speak like himself, and did not return your kindness with any cordiality. But all this may be explained by such a situation of his affairs as you have supposed.
Afridi claimed that Islamabad and Kabul were heading toward a new height of cordiality in their relations.
The recent outbreak of cordiality on the U.S.-China trade negotiation front ahead of the G20 summit is also relevant in this regard.
Upon arrival, the Mason was received with traditional warmth and cordiality, according to a statement issued by the Pakistan Navy.
Upon arrival, US Navy Ship was received with traditional warmth and cordiality. The visit programme of the Ship included various harbour events, social calls, visits to prominent places, table top discussions on professional topics, cross ship visits and reception dinner.