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If appropriate Eastern Coral snake antivenom were available, any one or more of the early symptoms would indicate its administration.
Study inclusion criteria included human exposure, envenomation, coral snake regardless of subspecies, and occurrence between January 1, 2000, and December 31, 2004.
Predation by free-ranging birds on partial coral snake mimics: the importance of ring width and color.
This is probably not based on predators having previous experience with coral snakes, because all it takes is one bite and you're dead.
He said: "There are also a number of 'false' coral snakes, which are not poisonous, and people are much more likely to keep them.
A smaller fraction of bites comes from copperheads, fewer still come from cottonmouths and only three or four bites per year come from coral snakes.
Dr Jack Cohen, an expert in reptiles at Warwick University, said: "There are several types of coral snake and they are distributed all round the tropics.
Kiss Rattle Slither is a non-fiction book about the wonderful, yet dangerous desert-dwelling creatures of the Southwest -- coral snake to kissing bug.
The kingsnake has black bands separating red and yellow bands; the coral snake has red and yellow bands touching.
Next, Jeff takes a swamp buggy out of the Seminole Indian Reservation and heads for the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary, where he provides a clear explanation of the subtle differences between two common types of snakes found in Florida -- the coral snake, the most venomous in the new world, and the harmless scarlet king snake.
In addition, Wyeth-Ayerst will fund Ophidian's development of a second antivenom to treat bites by the coral snake, a member of a different snake family which resides in the southeastern U.
But as someone who has lived half her life in states containing all four of America's poisonous snakes (rattlers, cottonmouths, copperheads, and coral snakes, not to mention snapping turtles and clouds not of snow but rapacious, maddening stinging insects), I'm reminded of Hamlet's remark about his father's ghost: hic et ubique.