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A calico cat cloned by scientists at Texas A&M in 2001. Commercial pet cloning has been tried, but is not yet a proven business model
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More detailed descriptions of these copycat threats against schools and more can be found (http://www.
Once installed on a device, CopyCat uses a suite of five previously patched vulnerabilities to attack a device.
Singe explained, "This means developers need to achieve some level of success with market recognition before they can stop copycats.
Fraser Sutherland, of Citizens Advice Scotland, said: "Across the UK we heard more than 5000 complaints about copycat websites last year.
She added: "None of us advocates knee-jerk reactions, but copycat websites have long been a growing scam, and I feel that the Minister should now be prepared and able to set out a concrete plan of action.
Now ministers are being urged to crack down on the web copycats.
A spokeswoman said: "There is a risk of copycat suicides, which is why we advised them to give no details of the medication or how she obtained the drugs.
SO CROSS: John Avison was taken in by a copycat passport site
The journalist's nonchalant response: "That was a copycat interview.
She said: "It is a bunch of copycat thugs who are putting at risk everything we have been working for over the last 30 years.
Summary: Experts express fears for a copycat Norway attack in Europe.
EVERYTHING on TV is a copycat of something it seems - Strictly and Dancing On Ice.