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Journalism The correction of various errors on a final copy or ‘proof’; copy-editing is the responsibility of a work’s publisher and addresses grammatical, semantic, syntactic, and typographic errors; errors of content are the responsibility of the work’s author(s)
Molecular biology See Proof-reading
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Her primary responsibilities have involved copy editing and arranging the essays, book reviews, and Preaching Helps on the page so that the printers can use these electronic files to print up each issue in an attractive and timely fashion.
In addition, Veloce burdened this effort with unimaginative, ham-handed layouts, and the aforementioned copy editing gaffes.
It is important to give young writers a chance to get published, but I hope to see better copy editing and fact checking before you send CD to print.
Copy editing workshops, "Open or Strict Editorial Style?
Responsibilities include: appointing and conferring with an editorial board to evaluate manuscripts; copy editing manuscripts; performing electronic page and cover layouts; sending layouts to the printer; and (probably) mailing issues to members of the Society.
Finally, we would like to thank Peter Russell and Jean-Alfred Renaud for agreeing to continue in their respective capacities as illustrator and translator, and to introduce Christopher Pereira who will be responsible for copy editing. Karen Dawe, who was already handling advertising, has taken on the additional responsibility for layout, at least temporarily.
The new position also acquires responsibility for copy editing that was formerly part of the administrative assistant's job.
My survey results showed, however, that by 1999, the opposite was true: respondents who were assumed to do the most editing (editors and writer-editors) were most likely to edit electronically, whereas peer-editing and non-editing writers were much more loyal to hard copy editing.
Yorke retired from the Washington Times in March 2000 after 53 years of reporting, writing and copy editing for the Times, the Washington Daily News and the Evening Star, while also contributing occasional coverage of steeplechase racing to The Washington Post.
I will continue to do some writing, copy editing, and photography for Solutions!, TAPPI JOURNAL, and other publications on a freelance basis, while also considering further career opportunities.
It offers check-in and check-out of content, simultaneous work flow between layout and editorial departments, copy editing at the page stage, content and layout change alerting, work-flow routing, status tracking, version control, galley or WYSIWYG editing mode, redlining, change tracking, and inline notes.
Anyone who has done copy editing or corrected student papers may feel a wild anarchic rush of gratitude for this edition.