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As the company that invented copy data virtualization, Actifio consistently drives smart, reliable data management strategies to reduce costs and improve efficiency for our enterprise customers.
Walsh's session will describe how a software-defined copy data management solution can transform an IT team's ability to deliver mission critical services.
Dev/Test workflows with consumer-grade simplicity - User-defined scheduled processing of copy data to streamline workflows for test and development, ETL, reporting, analytics and other business agility oriented processes.
Spectrami also highlighted the opening of Customer Experience Center (CEC) facility for Actifio's Copy Data Storage platform in Dubai.
to test Actifio copy data management offerings regardless of the technology
Recognizing this market need, Actifio pioneered Copy Data Storage (CDS) to manage copies of production data and eliminate redundant silos of IT infrastructure and data management applications (including backup, snapshot, business continuity, disaster recovery and test and development).
We estimate the magnitude of the copy data problem to be $44 Billion Dollars* in infrastructure hardware and software spending and growing.
A spokeswoman said that the most worrying counterfeit trick, called "skimming'', was to copy data from a genuine card's magnetic strip on to a fake.
Her file and disk management class will cover skills like how to copy data from one file to another, how to store data for organization and easy retrieval, and how to use a computer's ``search'' and ``explore'' features.
To copy data to the Clipboard, use the left mouse key or the SHIFT and arrow keys to select the data.
The copy data virtualisation firm, Actifio, has announced significant growth in the number of business customers using Actifio to better control access to their confidential data, especially throughout their data protection and application development processes.
0 to manage, orchestrate, and analyze their copy data across the entire data lifecycle