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There is limited evidence suggesting coproxamol is more effective at treating pain than a regular dose of paracetamol, for either acute or chronic use.
There were Coproxamol tablets and a note by her side.
His death was blamed on an overdose of the powerful painkiller coproxamol, which has since been banned.
Systematic overview of coproxamol to assess analgesic effects of addition of dextropropoxyphene to paracetamol.
Dr Fisher, now of Cullompton, Devon, was in charge of the Yewdale Ward at the Cumbria hospital on September 22 2002 when it emerged Mr Weighman took 50 tablets of coproxamol.
The court was told that at the time of her overdose of coproxamol tablets in 2001, Mrs Burchell was suffering from post-natal depression.
The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) announced the phased withdrawal of coproxamol, amid concern about large numbers of fatal overdoses.
Lord Hutton concluded Dr Kelly had taken his own life - after cutting his left wrist and taking coproxamol painkillers.
"We have recovered a knife and an open packet of Coproxamol tablets," the officer added.
A potentially lethal quantity of coproxamol was found in her body during a post mortem examination.
The sharpest increase in drug-related deaths was caused by painkillers such as coproxamol and codeine, with the number dying up 84pc to 401, researchers at St George's Medical School, London, found.
The doctor gave her Coproxamol, but I think she is addicted to them.