coprodeum, coprodaeum

the cranial or deepest compartment of the cloaca of birds.
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The colon (rectum) extends from the ileocecal junction to the coprodeum.
One of the main functions of the colon and coprodeum is to store chyme and retropulsed urine to resorb sodium and water.
Cryptosporidia in the cloacal coprodeum of red-lored parrots (Amazona autumnalis).
Saline infusion cloacoscopy revealed the presence of a 2-cm-diameter cloacolith within the coprodeum that was obstructing the rectal opening.
2) Cloacoscopy revealed the presence of a white mass with an irregular surface in the coprodeum which was interpreted to be a cloacolith (Figure 2).
9) During saline infusion cloacoscopy, the semitransparent nature of the coprodeum allows visualization of urates within the adjacent rectum (W.
Starting from the coprodeum, the telescope was slowly withdrawn, and once the urodeal fold was visualized, the dorsal urodeal wall was examined for the bursa of Fabricius.
Cloacoscopy with sterile saline irrigation provided an excellent view of the rectal orifice, coprodeum, urodeal fold, urodeum, ureteral, and, in females, oviductal openings (Fig 5).