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Precipitation of unbound antigen along with an antigen-antibody complex; may occur particularly when a soluble complex is precipitated by a second antibody specific for the Fc fragment of the immunoglobulin of the complex.
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Multiple methods to synthesize iron oxide nanoparticles exist, including coprecipitation,[78] thermal decomposition,[79] and microemulsion,[80] which generally yield hydrophobic particles; therefore, different coatings to enhance biocompatibility are often needed.
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Solution blending ensures that the two components are mixed together at the molecular level so that, after solvent evaporation or coprecipitation, the gelatin content in the solid scaffold is distributed throughout the bulk of the material.
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Several methods are available for synthesizing MNPs, but the most popular methods are coprecipitation, thermal decomposition, hydrothermal synthesis, and laser pyrolysis.
There are various methods for the synthesis of ferrite nanoparticles, which includes sol-gel, oxidation, hydrothermal, ball milling and chemical coprecipitation method [9-19].
The generality of this research comes from the potential for future high performance optoelectronic device using simple low cost method of Coprecipitation method working at visible range which is a valuable result.
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