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fruit of the coconut palm.

coconut meal
residue after the extraction of coconut oil and used as a protein supplement in livestock diets.
coconut oil
a natural source of fatty acids of short and medium length.

Patient discussion about coconut

Q. I am wondering if any of you are ENTHUSED about the use of COCONUT OIL. I ask because it IS SATURATED FAT. I have trouble losing weight. That inculdes getting cold frequently, and was wondering if cocounut oil would help me maintain body temperture more easily. Also, I have notice that SOME claim that coconut oil has many health benefits not affiliated with polyunsaturates.

A. i know there was a Polynesian research about people that consume coconut oil on a daily basis in parallel to people who don't. they found out that there are high cholesterol levels among the people that consumed coconut oil but no significant difference in heart problems.

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Coconut processing industry producing coconut oil from copra has expanded in the Philippines.
He made the case for shifting the industry, especially for small holders, away from the manufacture of copra, to higher valued products that had greater impact on the small holders' lives.
Documents describe the "re-location of former copra workers" as a "neat, sensible package", justified by the cover story agreed with London that Diego Garcia "has no permanent population".
Such an increase in demand would provide jobs and money for rural villagers in Vanuatu, where cutting copra has been the major source of outside income.
Its fronds furnish village roofs and walls, its wood supplies a furniture market and its fruit provides coconut milk, copra meal and coconut oil.
The researchers collected Hypoaspis aculeifer mites from a quarter of a square meter in a lily field and tested the 1-millimeter-long terrors to see which of two species of prey--a Rhizoglyphus mite or a Tyrophagus copra mite--they preferred to eat.
Erasmus created the fully organized Renaissance commonplace book with his De copra (1511) and explained its use.
He found that the average income per adult day of labour from copra comes to only $2.
Sri Lanka: Tea, coconut seed, black pepper, copra, rubber, betel leaves and broom sticks.
The Papua New Guinea Copra Marketing Board is the oldest board, having been established in 1948.