copper sulfate

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cu·pric sul·fate

(kū'prik sŭl'fāt),
A blue salt highly poisonous to algae, it is a prompt and active emetic, and is used as an irritant, astringent, and fungicide.

copper sulfate

CuSO4·5H2O; deep-blue shiny crystals or granular powder. It was used in the past as an astringent and algicide.


a chemical element, atomic number 29, atomic weight 63.54, symbol Cu. See Table 6. It is necessary for bone formation and for the formation of blood because it occurs in several oxidative enzymes including one involved in the transformation of inorganic iron into hemoglobin.

copper acetoarsenite
an oldfashioned green pigment used in plaster, wallpaper, etc. A possible cause of chronic arsenic poisoning in very old houses. Called also Paris green.
copper-associated hepatopathy
see bedlington terrier copper-associated hepatopathy.
copper calcium edetate
used as a prophylactic in lambs and calves against swayback and hypocuprosis. Overdosing causes liver damage and severe subcutaneous edema and ascites.
copper-chrome-arsenate poisoning
the preservative in 'treated pine'. Nibbling the wood causes poisoning in confined animals.
copper-molybdenum-sulfate relationship
molybdenum combines with sulfur in the rumen to form Cu-Mo-S complexes (copper-thiomolybdates) which reduce the availability of copper in the ingesta.
copper naphthenate
a complex of copper and naphthenic acid, used as a fungicide and insecticide. A treatment for footrot in cattle and sheep, and for thrush in horses.
copper nutritional deficiency
in ruminants this causes anemia and demyelination in the central nervous system. The deficiency may be primary or secondary due to intervention of high dietary intakes of sulfate and molybdenum. In pigs incoordination and anemia have been recorded. Horses appear unaffected. Called also enzootic ataxia, swayback, coast disease, pine, peat scours, teart, falling disease, hypocuprosis, licking sickness, liksucht. Copper deficiency is rare in dogs and cats and is most likely to occur from excessive supplementation with calcium, which reduces absorption of many minerals, including copper.
copper oxide needles
short lengths given orally to cattle to prevent or control copper deficiency. They lodge in papillae of the rumen and over several months pass to the abomasum where acid digestion makes copper available. They are effective in the control of secondary copper deficiency associated with high molybdenum concentrations in the diet by avoiding the binding of copper in thiomolybdenates which occurs in the rumen.
copper poisoning
may be acute because of accidental administration of inorganic preparations of copper, usually as a worm drench. Chronic poisoning is usually due to grazing on pasture growing on soils naturally rich in copper. The prevalence may be increased by the presence of converter plants, especially subterranean clover, which have a high uptake of copper, or of plants which cause liver damage and the sudden discharge of large amounts of copper which have accumulated in the liver. Such plants are Heliotropium, Senecio and Echium spp. Copper compounds reported to have caused poisoning in animals include the subacetate, oxychloride, chloride, oxide, naphthenate, carbonate, arsenite, sulfate.
Acute poisoning is characterized by gastroenteritis; chronic poisoning is a syndrome of acute hemolytic anemia caused by a sudden elevation of blood copper levels. The obvious signs are jaundice, hemoglobinuria and pallor of mucosae. Poisoning by organic copper preparations administered therapeutically causes nephrosis and death due to uremia. Called also toxemic jaundice. See also bedlington terrier copper-associated hepatopathy.
copper storage disease
see bedlington terrier copper-associated hepatopathy.
copper sulfate
used as a parasiticide in aquariums and in the treatment of foot rot in cattle.
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This phase will result in copper production in the form of copper sulphate crystals commencing by mid May 1995 at an initial rate of 5 tons of contained copper per day increasing to 15 tons per day of contained copper by the end of 1996.
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