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Formation of a polymer from two or more monomers with different chemical structure so as to form the new structure with properties that vary from either discrete monomer.
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Such formulations would contain diverse hetero-multifunctional polymerizable cyclodextrin derivatives containing combinations and permutations of ligands, attached via hydrolytically stable ether linkages, to chemically interact with receptor sites of both the organic and inorganic components of hard tooth tissues and polymerizable vinylbenzylether groups to copolymerize with the monomers of dental resins and composites.
As a result, rubber molecules at the edges of the elastomer domains copolymerize with the plastic matrix, making the domains stable and preventing demixing or reagglomeration.
Because MAH is not re-active towards iPB-1 macroradicals, it would be helpful to use a second monomer that can react with them much faster than MAH, and the resulting free radicals can the copolymerize readily MAH.
These single-site catalysts provide the polymer designer with unusual control of the order of monomer addition and the ability to copolymerize alpha olefin comonomers.
In adhesives, metallocenes offer unprecedented opportunities because of their capability to copolymerize silanes and acrylates.
Japan Chemical Week reports that Mitsui Chemicals has developed a non-metallocene catalyst that can copolymerize ethylene with polar monomers like MMA and acrylonitrile.
In this study, equi-molar feed ratios of the monomers were used to copolymerize in the Schemes 1 and 2.
Thanks to a methacrylate ester group, the new product can copolymerize with vinyl monomers or can be grafted onto unsaturated polymer backbones.
Product has a methacrylate ester substituent, which will copolymerize efficiently with a variety of vinyl monomers.