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Formation of a polymer from two or more monomers with different chemical structure so as to form the new structure with properties that vary from either discrete monomer.
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Anionic copolymerization reactions are usually performed in a temperature range of 130-180[degrees]C, and the process is started by an appropriate catalyst and activators.
Density functional theory (DFT) calculations were performed to study the effect of copolymerization on the electronic structures and optical properties of conjugated polyelectrolytes.
The styrene conversion and grafting efficiency of graft copolymerization were determined by gravimetric method [24].
The results suggested that tourmaline was introduced into p (VST/MMA/BA) copolymer with chemical bonding via the surface modification and copolymerization with MMA and BA, which enhanced the acting force effectively among polymer chains [21].
The FTIR/ATR analysis also indicated encapsulation of urea fertilizer with copolymerization of chitosan and acrylamide materialized.
Ghaffariyeh, "Simultaneous graft copolymerization of 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate and acrylic acid onto polydimethylsiloxane surfaces using a two-step plasma treatment," J.
The third approach involves the use of copolymerization to prepare new polymers with inbuilt tailor-made properties suitable for the application.
Graft copolymerization of the NR-g-PMMA, NR-g-PS and NR-g-P(S-co-MMA) was carried out by the emulsion polymerization using weight ratio of NR/MMA, NR/S and NR/S/MMA for 80/20, 80/20 and 80/10/10, respectively.
Graft Copolymerization of Vinyl Monomers onto Cellulose with the Use of Ionic Xanthate Method
Copolymerization of the liquid extract with formalin and resorcinol was carried out by an alkaline catalyst at room temperature.
Copolymerization. Copolymers of AM and AMPS were synthesized via conventional free-radical polymerization.
In a previous paper [17], the preparation of poly(St-co-DVB)-clay nanocomposites with a quaternary alkylammonium salt as a intercalating agent by [gamma]-irradiation copolymerization was reported.