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Formation of a polymer from two or more monomers with different chemical structure so as to form the new structure with properties that vary from either discrete monomer.
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All graft copolymerization runs were carried out in a stainless steel batch reactor of 500 mL content, fitted with a water jacket to control reaction temperature as depicted in Fig.
and R-B-O have same stability and are more stable among the other two, thus indicating that under these conditions copolymerization is more feasible.
Another important aspect of this polymer technology is the ability to utilize copolymerization to tailor polymer and coating properties.
The third approach involves the use of copolymerization to prepare new polymers with inbuilt tailor-made properties suitable for the application.
Graft copolymerization of the NR-g-PMMA, NR-g-PS and NR-g-P(S-co-MMA) was carried out by the emulsion polymerization using weight ratio of NR/MMA, NR/S and NR/S/MMA for 80/20, 80/20 and 80/10/10, respectively.
Graft Copolymerization of Vinyl Monomers onto Cellulose with the Use of Ionic Xanthate Method
Copolymerization of the liquid extract with formalin and resorcinol was carried out by an alkaline catalyst at room temperature.
The copolymerization of NPAM monomer with MMA was carried using AIBN as a free radical initiator in THF at 65[degrees]C (described below and shown in Scheme 3).
Based on the variety of functional groups (hydroxyls, carbonyls, carboxyls etc), etherification, esterification, alkylation, hydroxyalkylation, graft copolymerization, crosslinking and oxidation reactions can be conducted to produce ecomaterials with many practical applications (Hon, D.
1 to 20 weight percent silane comonomer of a formula where R is a C1-4 alkyl group incorporated by copolymerization or grafting.
The company produces 150 different POSS products that can be incorporated into virtually any polymer through blending, grafting, or copolymerization.