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Formation of a polymer from two or more monomers with different chemical structure so as to form the new structure with properties that vary from either discrete monomer.

copolymerization (kōpäl´imərizā´shən),

n the formation of a copolymer.
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Kinetic Study of Graft Copolymerization of MM A onto Delignified Grewia optiva Fiber
The decrease of %Gr and %Ge with further increase in the AN concentration may be explained as follows [19]: (a) preferential homopolymerization over graft copolymerization, (b) increasing the viscosity of reaction medium, which hinders the movement of free radicals, and (c) increase in the chance of chain transfer to monomer molecules [21].
As explained earlier, this value completely depends on the time gap between the two catalyst additions, two catalyst ratios, and copolymerization time.
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In connection with the heterogeneous way of making polymers, it can be argued that in order to compensate for differences in reactivity ratios of the acrylate with the VA, various monomer feed methods could be designed to force random copolymerization.
An inert gas (argon) was gently bubbled into the reactor to remove the oxygen during the graft copolymerization reaction.
couplers and single site catalysts for in-situ repolymerization and copolymerization useful for recycled polymeric compositions," ACS Rubber Div.
The mechanism of radical copolymerization of functional monomers onto hydrophobic PVDF membrane surface has been stated in our previous works [10, 25].
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The line's width, fiber size and copolymerization combine to provide JM with the ability to further expand its position in the market.
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