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Acting within the same plane.
[L. co- (com-), with, + planum, flat surface, plane]
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According to the space image coordinate of the left and right image point, the coplanarity condition equation Eq.
Alternately, if no pre-bake occurs before actual production reflow assembly, establishing the wider range of warpage and higher coplanarity results that represent assembly conditions may be a better approach.
This TIM is both highly conductive and compliant so that it can absorb the irregularities in component height and coplanarity on the motherboard.
Ong See Wee, senior application development manager at DSM Engineering Plastics in Asia, who worked intensively with Taisol, commented that a dramatic improvement in coplanarity versus competitor materials was a significant improvement to DSM customers.
This can make it impossible to control coplanarity of the entire panel due to its overall width.
Hale A: Orbital Coplanarity in Solar-Type Binary Systems: Implications for Planetary System Formation and Detection.
Grades 3224 (20% mineral) and 3226 (30% mineral, 10% glass) have been proven in a number of connector molds where standard glass-filled reportedly LCPs failed to meet to requirements for flatness and coplanarity of mating sockets and receptacles.
For instance, each bump height measurement on a die can be plotted to study bump coplanarity.
Typical applications include inspecting component lead coplanarity, hybrid circuit thick film, PCB solder paste, and BGA solder bumps.
Figure 2 clearly reveals that the greatest improvements in IVI quality can be gained by eliminating bonding defects (70 per cent of problems) and FOI quality can best be improved by removing coplanarity errors (68 per cent of problems).
These errors are caused by deficiencies in the parallelism and coplanarity of bearing systems and of their supporting structure (or by limitations in assembly techniques).