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Acting within the same plane.
[L. co- (com-), with, + planum, flat surface, plane]
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The process is based on looking at the image of the leads and creating a plane from the three worst leads within the center of gravity of the project and measuring the rest of the leads against this imaginary plane, or coplanarity measurement.
Cox stated, Due to the excellent repeatability of the ACE LTS lead tinning machines and its robotic presentation of the part to the molten solder in combination with a custom nozzle specifically for QFNs and the use of an optimum flux and a hot nitrogen blow off, we are able to maintain the coplanarity of leadless QFNs within 0.
Coplanarity problems can cause solder joints to fail during manufacture, or reduce system reliability in the field.
The WaferScanner[TM] 3840 uses proprietary laser triangulation technology to provide fast and accurate 3D measurements of bump height and coplanarity.
PCB Dynamic Coplanarity at Lead-Free SMT Temperatures"
Legend, solder level and solder mask can impact coplanarity.
An effective via-filling process ensures that vias are completely filled with the designated material, with no voids remaining and no surface residue, which may impair coplanarity.
3-D/2-D metrology capabilities of the system include bump height, coplanarity, diameter, length, and width; bump true position; and bump volume.
Bulky substituent disrupts the coplanarity of the polymer chain and increases the inter chain distance.
As a member of SEMATECH's 3D program, Rudolph's inspection and metrology technologies will be applied to various projects including via depth and CD metrology, metallization void detection, stacked wafer via alignment, wafer edge defect detection and bump height coplanarity.
Abstract: With the advent of larger packages and higher densities/pitch, industry has been concerned with the coplanarity of the substrate package and PCB motherboard.
Coplanarity of the two packages, especially during reflow, was an issue in the early days, but a tremendous amount of work has been done to alleviate this problem.