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Acting within the same plane.
[L. co- (com-), with, + planum, flat surface, plane]
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The feeding structure of the square patch antenna consists of a coplanar waveguide feed with matching mode impedance of 50[OMEGA].
Parallel and coplanar cracks distribution are considered in this paper and the distributions are illustrated in Fig.
In this study, we hypothesized that coplanar PCBs promote insulin resistance and impair glucose homeostasis through adipocyte-specific AhR activation.
11 82 1 + 3/4 Circuit Cross-over type 2: 1 multiplexer [12] Multilayer [13] Multilayer [14] Coplanar [15] Coplanar (rotated cells) [16] Coplanar [17] Not required [18] Not required The proposed Not required 4: 1 multiplexer [19] Multilayer [20] Not Required [21] Multilayer [14] Coplanar [15] Coplanar [16] Coplanar [22] Coplanar The proposed Not required TABLE 5: The proposed multiplexer improvements in comparison to other previous designs.
Picon, "A wideband 3D-transition between coplanar and inverted microstrip on silicon to characterize a line in MEMS technology," Microwave and Optical Technology Letters, Vol.
In second stage pattern diversity antenna configuration is realized by using twin coplanar antennas (of stage one) separated by cross-striped variable sized frequency selective structure (VFSS).
Utilizing the series type T-junction formed by a slotline and two arms of a microstrip line, a UWB out-of-phase coplanar power divider is employed [10].
Although they are accurate and adaptable to many configurations, the quasi-TEM analysis requiring less computational effort can yield useful results in the design phase, but very few analytical methods were found on the multiconductor coplanar system.
The connector system is capable of speeds up to 10 Gbps and is available in mezzanine, right-angle, and coplanar configurations.
The aperture is represented as a length of coplanar strip transmission line, shorted at each end.
Coplanar Cabinet Doors: Coplanar sliding systems allow doors to be flush when closed.
The complementary range of high-speed backplane, coplanar, orthogonal midplane, mezzanine and I/O connectors enabling complete, end-to-end link solutions will also be featured.