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Acting within the same plane.
[L. co- (com-), with, + planum, flat surface, plane]
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This approach is further lenient of misplaced cells than the coplanar crossing; however, several active QCA layers are required to implement the technology.
The shear stress plane of the specimen is coplanar with the joint surface.
Let [THETA] be a set of candidate angles that contain the combination of n coplanar beams defined as [THETA] = ([[theta].sub.1],[[theta].sub.2],...,[[theta].sub.N]) in which N is the total number of feasible beam orientations.
The feeding structure of the square patch antenna consists of a coplanar waveguide feed with matching mode impedance of 50[OMEGA].
Chang, "Wideband coplanar stripline to double-sided parallel-strip line transition," Electronics Letters, vol.
Parallel and coplanar cracks distribution are considered in this paper and the distributions are illustrated in Fig.
Several studies have demonstrated marked sequestration of xenobiotic ligands of AhR, including lipophilic coplanar polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) (Brown and Lawton 1984; Fukano and Doguchi 1977; McFarland and Clarke 1989), in adipose tissue.
Alternatively, another kind of superconducting microwave detector based on coplanar waveguide technique, typically the coplanar waveguide resonators (CPWs), have also promptly developed for sensitive detections of radiations (from submillimeter to x-ray [9] and gamma ray [10]) in astronomic applications.
According to the position of the input signals in the Exclusive-or structure, most of the presented designs are implemented based on the multilayer or coplanar crossover wiring.
Recently, some coplanar waveguide- (CPW-) fed printed monopole antennas have been reported [5-7].
To prevent the penetration of the electric field of a coplanar line in the substrate in the case of low-resistivity silicon, a patterned ground shield is added beneath the line [4], and decreased the attenuation at 60 GHz from 1.141 dB/mm for conventional coplanar line to 0.731 dB/mm for the patterned ground shield coplanar line.