coping mechanism

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coping mechanism

Psychiatry Any conscious or unconscious mechanism of adjusting to environmental stress without altering personal goals or purposes
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Adapting to and managing change, stress, or opportunity (e.g., acute or chronic illness, disability, pain, death, relocation, work, changes in family structure, new relationships, or new ideas).

coping mechanism

Coping skill.

coping skill

Any characteristic or behavioral pattern that enhances a person's adaptation. Coping skills include a stable value or religious belief system, problem solving, social skills, health-energy, and commitment to a social network.
Synonym: coping mechanism
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The family income is taken into consideration to see if the coping mechanism of teenaged mothers originates from financial matters.
Several hypotheses have been proposed to explain these correlations, most notably that spirituality' and religiousness serve as protective resources against contracting disease and as coping mechanisms when people are ill (Powell, Shahabi, & Thoresen, 2003).
The study is an effort towards understanding the differences in the use of coping mechanisms by men cowl women.
Key Words: stress tolerance, physical activity, coping mechanisms
We need to understand the ground truth results of this activity and develop some coping mechanism and adaptation measures for the communities, she said.
Cortisol regulates the body's response to stress and a lack may hinder this coping mechanism, say the US authors.
This volume examines the dangers of people with Asperger Syndrome using alcohol as a coping mechanism to deal with day-to-day life.
Of special note is Deb's 'Fall Visualizations: A Daily Practice', a step-by-step example of cultivating a coping mechanism for experiencing and resolving deeply felt emotions.
He added: "It's a coping mechanism that works but like many coping mechanisms, it's potentially harmful."
She finally writes letters to Zoe as a sort of confession and coping mechanism. Tess has a sexual encounter with a neighborhood boy.
Londoners and people from Northern Ireland were more likely to use exercise as a coping mechanism (54% and 37%) compared with just 20% of those questioned in south-east and south-west England.
But in the North-East it appears we like to take it a step further, with most choosing sex as a coping mechanism.