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A specimen for electron microscopic examination obtained by coating a crystalline array or other virus material with carbon; the mold (the replica) obtained after the viral material has been dissolved provides details of structure and arrangement.
[It., fr. L.L. re-plico, to fold back]
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We may say, then, that images are regarded by us as more or less accurate copies of past occurrences because they come to us with two sorts of feelings: (1) Those that may be called feelings of familiarity; (2) those that may be collected together as feelings giving a sense of pastness.
Over forty thousand copies have already been sold in the United States and Canada, and a new edition of twenty thousand is on the presses.
The audacity and unconventionality of the storiettes was a shock to bourgeois morality and prejudice; but when Paris went mad over the immediate translation that was made, the American and English reading public followed suit and bought so many copies that Martin compelled the conservative house of Singletree, Darnley & Co.
They had brought out a first edition of fifteen hundred copies and been dubious of selling it.
It would print great broadsides during the campaign; one copy that came to Jurgis was a manifesto addressed to striking workingmen, of which nearly a million copies had been distributed in the industrial centers, wherever the employers' associations had been carrying out their "open shop" program.
The disadvantage is that recovery based on incremental copies can take longer because, in some cases, the same row will need to be updated several times before the last changes are restored.
Lot 1 - 8,000 copies; Lot 2 - 8,000 copies; Lot 3 - 8000 copies; Lot 4 - 8000 copies; Lot 5 - 8,000 copies; Lot 6 - 8,000 copies; Lot 7 - 8,000 copies; Lot 8 - 8000 copies; Lot 9 - 8000 copies; Lot 10 - 8000 copies; Lot 11 - 8000 copies; Lot 12 - 8000 copies; Lot 13 - 8000 copies; Lot 14 - 8000 copies; Lot 15 - 1000 copies; Lot 16 - 700 copies; Lot 17 - 500 copies; Lot 18 - 500 copies; Lot 19 - 2000 copies; Lot 20 - 1000 copies; Lot 21 - 800 copies.
8 million copies across the globe, reports Contactmusic.
Mirroring is implemented as a block-for-block replica of a file, a logical unit, or a physical disk volume normally using disks for all copies.
In the county's shipment are 405 copies of the aforementioned Mumba and Wills CDs, as well as Atlantic Records' 50th Anniversary collection of 60s rock, ``GH3'' by Reba McEntire, ``Lenny'' by Lenny Kravitz, ``Sound Loaded'' by Ricky Martin, ``Vol.
66-3, 84-71, 85-56, 87-21, 94-52 and 97-11, which described IRS procedures for providing copies of returns and return information under Sees.
Gingerich began his pursuit of the extant copies of Copernicus' work in 1970 after discovering a copy annotated by Erasmus Reinhold (1511-53), the leading professor of astronomy at the time, and creator of the first astronomical tables based on Copernicus' geometric models.