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A nonspecific term for a relationship which strives for balance, equality and mutual respect, and in which information, power and responsibility are shared by two or more actual or legal persons.

An NHS management word used in the context of a Trust’s achievement of Practice Plus on the journey to becoming a Model Employer. Partnership is essential, both internally (in relationships developed with staff-side colleagues) and externally (when working across organisations (trusts)), or when collaborating across strategic health authority boundaries.

Accountable health partnership, see there.


n 1. the association of two or more persons for the purpose of carrying on business (or practice) together and dividing its profits.
n 2. a legal, binding contract defining the association of two or more persons in a business or professional relationship such as a dental practice.
partnership, notice of dissolution of intelligence,
n by any of a variety of means, notice to creditors and the public that a partnership has been dissolved.
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A possibility also exists for concealing enhancements in one partner's coverage in the insured partnership that do not apply to the copartner and have not been conveyed to the copartner, which is a breach of fiduciary duty.
On Saturday, August 22, in cooperation with media-educator copartners the university of applied science Cologne and the Computer-Project Cologne e.
The staff and the employment copartners teach the residents effective telephone manner, coach them on how to introduce themselves, encourage them to go out with a winning attitude, and help them deal with disappointment.