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One who arranges, organizes, or harmonizes.
[L. coordino, to put in order]
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The above data indicate that coaches of color are oftentimes 'sorted' and 'stacked' into position coach roles such as running backs coaches, wide receivers coaches and defensive line coaches with little prospects of ever earning an opportunity to work as an offensive or defensive coordinator of an NFL team; NFL coordinator experience is essential with respect to NFL head coach prospects.
A parenting coordinator shall decline an appointment, withdraw, or request appropriate assistance when the facts and circumstances of the case are beyond the parenting coordinator's skill or experience.
Requirements for becoming a recycling coordinator have changed in the two decades since Joanne started.
However, Qandil faces opposition from Kefaya's former coordinator and current assistant coordinator George Ishaq.
While Florida has long been home to Latino and Haitian farmworkers, among the challenges Erin has faced as coordinator is the dramatic rise in the farmworker populations of Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia.
In October, Francine Harley left to pursue her dream, a nursing degree, after 6 years of dedicated service as Membership and Field Support coordinator.
In the years since 1999, he has been instrumental in adding vans to three new areas and recruiting volunteer drivers to operate them with the help of excellent local van coordinators.
I had been a defensive line coach for seven seasons and although I had also become the recruiting coordinator and special teams coordinator, my next logical step was to coordinate a defense .
But because of the military's security regulations, initial contact with prospective families occurred only through the family readiness coordinator.
If injuries are involved, she will ascertain how many victims are expected, then appoint a lab coordinator to make preparations.
SPRINGFIELD - Applications are now available to fill five vacant positions on the Springfield Museum Committee: registrar, newsletter/graphic design coordinator, program coordinator, store coordinator and volunteer coordinator.

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