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One who arranges, organizes, or harmonizes.
[L. coordino, to put in order]
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For his part, embattle Chairman Johnson describes the coordinators' statements as senseless and has no iota of truth.
Reducing Spans of Control With Clinical Coordinators
sign authorizations allowing the coordinator to talk to the children's teachers, and medical and mental health professionals; and 4.
To become an NFL head coach, a candidate has to have coordinator experience: Even though there's no official mandate, it's seen as necessary preparation.
A parenting coordinator shall decline an appointment, withdraw, or request appropriate assistance when the facts and circumstances of the case are beyond the parenting coordinator's skill or experience.
Al-Ajami talked about the concept of media coordinator and the strategic goals of the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) and methods of media organization, and defined duties and rights which fall under this context, he pointed the media coordinator is part of the sports media and his role is to create an ideal ambient to convey the events accurately and sincerely, especially when crises associate a national team, and reviewed the history of the international and Asian federations in developing the aspects of media and roles of the media coordinator.
Due to the autonomous nature of the procurement coordinator's position,, A Happy Place for Transplant Professionals, was created for those in the transplant community to get together on message boards and discuss current issues.
Matthew Wigham, who will be the coordinator at Sunderland for the 2012-13 academic year, said: "I'm really enjoying the role of tennis coordinator and I'm looking forward to helping more people from Sunderland University.
Durham is one of 14 universities nationwide to have joined the TF's University Tennis Coordinator Programme with the aim of developing the game across the higher education sector.
She's helping to count recyclables from the football game the day before, one of many tasks she manages as a recycling coordinator for Centre County, Pennsylvania.
Summary: RIYADH: A Filipino community coordinator in Taif has delivered to the Philippines Consulate in Jeddah a 30-year-old housemaid who fled her sponsor after the woman slapped her.

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