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1. Any of the scales or magnitudes that serve to define the position of a point.
2. To perform the act of coordination.
[see coordination]
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The Region IX DCO and his defense coordinating element deployed from Oakland, Calif.
Coordination and management of litigation, managing discovery, coordinating a company's discovery responses, preparing company witnesses for deposition and trial, coordinating work of consulting or testifying experts, and actively preparing cases for trial.
The critical interfacing and coordinating of state and local operations with federal operations, and vice versa, occur through the various elements of the JOC.
We are very grateful to our collaborators on this project, the Nonprofit Coordinating Committee of New York and the New York Regional Association of Grantmakers, and to the stellar selection committee that will choose the winners.
Hyatt: "What are some of the barriers to coordinating services, and what might be helpful toward eliminating those barriers?
One of the main missing links in previous efforts to help North Hills was outreach, said North Hills Coordinating Council president Harry Coleman, who praised the report.
Weeding out the most violent offenders by coordinating and integrating the efforts of Federal, State, and local law enforcement agencies in targeted neighborhoods (A law enforcement steering committee, comprised of top officials from all involved agencies, directs this effort by identifying targeted neighborhoods, allocating resources, and coordinating law enforcement efforts.
Many lessons have come from the Hurricane Katrina experience, but none more hard earned than the recognition that coordinating response activities across a large region is a massive undertaking requiring centralized coordination, precise tracking of complex processes, real-time updates, and instantaneous information sharing," said Eric Kant, director of field operations for NC4 Public Sector.
Supporting transportation in its many forms in a rational and effective way by providing new locations for expanded ferry traffic and coordinating pedestrian traffic, vehicular traffic and parking facilities.
The panel acted as a coordinating board while the application for an enterprise zone designation was hammered out and submitted to state officials for approval.
The mills are coordinating bedding patterns with bath accessories.
Substantial improvements to The Reclamation Board's levee inspection and encroachment control programs have been made under Punia's leadership in coordinating DWR and Board efforts.

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