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1. Any of the scales or magnitudes that serve to define the position of a point.
2. To perform the act of coordination.
[see coordination]
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Incorporating of auxiliary coordinates in the model let us assume analyzed system as a part of another more complex system, which may have nonlinear and nonstationary elements, electrical elements and so on.
Reference coordinates (r, [theta], []phi, t) are the space and time coordinates used by the distant observer to make measurements while the particle detects passage of time using local time coordinate [tau].
(2) The bed coordinates [Figure 1]b: The inner located N-point is the original point.
The calibration plate is fixed to the test bench, and the coordinates of the hole P on the calibration board in the camera coordinate system ([x.sub.0], [y.sub.0]) are recorded.
([X.sub.TL], [Y.sub.TL]) and ([x.sub.TL], [y.sub.TL], [z.sub.TL]) are the coordinates in the 2D image coordinate system of the left theodolite and the coordinates in the 3D coordinate system of the left theodolite, respectively.
GPS Coordinate Converter is an advanced tool designed to convert coordinates between all the major formats.
distribution points that are part of the solution were arranged in ascending order according to the coordinates [x.sub.i], (in Table 2).
In order to bridge this discrepancy, the Australian government has now launched a project to align the country's coordinates with the GNSS.
The coordinates of the YLDZ station are determined by processing the GNSS data by GAMIT/GLOBK software in IRTF2008 datum, using 38 reference stations in the IGS network.
He will coordinate issues related to justice, implementation of foreign policy; wil control public budgeting and its implementation, development of and implementation of budget policy programs, transition to program-project approach in financing of executive agencies.
Various systems follows moving robot, fixes and corrects its coordinates. Data about the coordinates is transmitting to the supervisory system, which performs control functions, or corrects traces of the mobile robot movement, using methods of optimization [4].

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