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1. Any of the scales or magnitudes that serve to define the position of a point.
2. To perform the act of coordination.
[see coordination]
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The PHR cloud and the PHR receiver coordinately launch a secure two-party computation, in which the PHR cloud takes as input the second initial key S[K.sub.init2] and the PHR receiver takes as input a hash value [] (id) of his/her identity.
Temperature Shift Coordinately Changes the Activity and the Methylation State of Transposon Tam3 in Antirrhinum majus.
Holz, "mTOR/S6K1 and MAPK/RSK signaling pathways coordinately regulate estrogen receptor [alpha] serine 167 phosphorylation," FEBS Letters, vol.
Gene set enrichment analyses (GSEA) show that a megacluster of nearly 40 microRNAs and their host long noncoding RNA transcript (lnc-MGC) are coordinately increased in the glomeruli of mouse models of DN.
This addressed whether the type of system developed here was novel; (2) how might the haptic system be applied to the upper extremity while working coordinately with VR?
In glial cells, the expressed proteome coordinately implements glial functions.
Chan, "Mitofusins Mfn1 and Mfn2 coordinately regulate mitochondrial fusion and are essential for embryonic development," The Journal of Cell Biology, vol.
CAW treatment coordinately increased the expression of all four genes in both the Tg2576 and WT neurons consistent with an increase in mitochondrial content (Figure 3(a)).
The Gac/Rsm and cyclicdi-GMP signalling networks coordinately regulate iron uptake in Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
China will stick to the road of peaceful development, never ease its efforts to push for regional cooperation, never waver on its sincerity to resolve disputes peacefully and coordinately, and never shirk its responsibility to protect regional peace and stability, the Chinese defense minister stressed.

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