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1. Any of the scales or magnitudes that serve to define the position of a point.
2. To perform the act of coordination.
[see coordination]
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Agent salaries fell behind the private sector, a development that affected the entire examination function and the coordinated examination program in particular.
Sears had about 20 coordinated bath ensembles on display at its Paramus, N.J., store.
The coordinated patrol between the two countries started in 1975 when the Philippines and Indonesia signed the Border Patrol and Border Crossing Agreements.
"These bets represent serious financial confidence in Coordinated Cut for the Derby," said Coral spokesman Simon Clare, "and suggest he is expected to show up well on his debut."
Sessions and papers include such topics as visual exploration, including creating methods of interactive visual analysis, coordinating linear and two-dimensional displays, and viewing medical data to expedite medical diagnosis; theory and techniques, including creating hierarchical linked views and integrating data and quality space interactions; applications and toolkits, including using the GAV toolkit for multiple linked views and performing an interactive cross-detector analysis of vortical flow data; and panel discussions on the state of the art in the field, criticism of coordinated multiple views, requirements for industrial applications, and the future of coordinated and multiple view research.
Federal campaign finance law provides political parties with three major options for providing financial support to House, Senate, and presidential candidates: (1) direct contributions, (2) coordinated expenditures, and (3) independent expenditures.
Although it did not participate in the grant program, SNL/ NM has provided a case study examining how C&D diversion and sustainable procurement can be coordinated within an organization, and its activities closely reflect the goals of the grant program and its intended outcome.
dollar, coordinated central bank interventions in the foreign exchange market, and offered provisions for identifying "currency manipulators." The familiar legal props for international economic coordination of the 1980s and 1990s are repealed.
For organizations that require coordinated delivery of assets and inventory with field service personnel, the new features provide real-time visibility and coordinated enterprise management of the mobile work force schedules with delivery operations.
Coordinated efforts and donations from the cattlemen are numerous, including Missouri-based Heartland Farm sending 20,000 cans of cooked ground beef and canned stew to Salvation Army feeding operations in Biloxi and Jackson, Miss.; the Seattle-based Oberto Sausage Company sold 288,000, one-ounce jerky packets to the NCBA at cost and donated the shipping; and generous farm and ranch families from as far away as California offering through the NCBA to open up their homes as temporary housing for those in need.

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