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1. Any of the scales or magnitudes that serve to define the position of a point.
2. To perform the act of coordination.
[see coordination]
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Out in the field, employees can use Google Maps Coordinate in a number of important ways:
Both local time [tau] and coordinate time t monotonically progress with decreasing r;
oi] and the horizontal angle are measured from the meridian plane passing through the coordinate origin to the normal plane passing through origin and the object to be determined, i.
Since the finite element solution is referenced to the X-Y or R-Z planes, we must provide for the off diagonal terms of the diffusivity tensor which occurs in other than principal coordinates.
Sears has C rolled out a number of extremely successful bath coordinates, and Kmart will be doing the same thing.
In Rutgers, the Court determined whether Rutgers, as owner, owed a duty to its prime contractors to coordinate the work of the various trades on the project.
Under WestPoint's new license, Creative Bath will coordinate shower curtains and accessories with the mill's Atelier Martex and Martex Weekend collections.
Funds can be used to train school personnel and students in crisis response; communicate emergency response and reunification procedures to parents and guardians; coordinate with local emergency responders, including fire and police; purchase equipment; and coordinate with groups and organizations responsible for recovery issues, such as health and mental health agencies.
Armstrong said, because the DCO was able to quickly coordinate DOD assistance in partnership with the lead federal agency to get help to local and state officials when and where they requested it.
Due to the uniqueness of a combined and joint Korean Theater of Operation, it was apparent that a division be created that would provide the capabilities to coordinate, integrate, and synchronize transportation and logistics.
Are there times when you needed to identify an unknown coordinate system?

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