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A property of certain proteins (often enzymes) in which the binding curves or saturation curves or, in the case of enzymes, a plot of initial rates as a function of initial substrate concentration, are nonhyperbolic; suggests that the binding of a ligand has a different affinity at different ligand concentrations. Both allosterism and hysteresis display cooperativity. Compare: allosterism, hysteresis.
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Cooperativity results from the interactions between identical binding sites with the same ligand, so cooperative binding requires macromolecule with more than one binding site.
However, [DELTA][H.sub.VH] diminished according to artepillin C concentration, and, by calculating CU, the mean value indicated that cooperativity of the transition of the lipid mixture tended to decrease for the interaction of this compound at 5 and 10 mol%.
During this interaction, the agent already displayed the nonverbal behavior (either cooperative or noncooperative), so that participants also had the chance to perceive the manipulated cooperativity of the agent during this joint task and prior to the dilemma task.
The mechanism of cooperativity is not restricted to two small highly structured protein domains making very specific amino acid interactions with each other such that only a limited number of TF::TF interactions occur.
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