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Astley Paston, English anatomist and surgeon, 1768-1841. See: Cooper fascia, Cooper hernia, Cooper herniotome, Cooper ligaments, suspensory ligaments of Cooper.
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French cooperage Tonnellerie Baron expanded to now include Fouderie Baron, offering large-format vessels for fermentation and aging.
Even later my son celebrated his 21st birthday at the Cooperage and his grandparents et al loved what they saw - uneven floors - not a problem, the odd nail here and there - not a problem.
A city council spokesman said: "We share the concerns of Historic England over the deteriorating state of the Cooperage.
Silver Oak said that the acquisition makes it the first North American winery to own and operate an American oak cooperage.
JACK DANIEL'S COOPERAGE was awarded the 2014 Wooden Globe for Innovator of the Year by the Woodworking Machinery Industry Association.
Its neighbouring Dundashill Cooperage - which makes 85,000 hogshead casks each year - dates back even further, having been founded in 1770 by John Harvey, originally as a distillery.
Royal William was built for the Admiralty between 1825 and 1833 as a complete and integrated Navy victualling complex, with brewhouse, cooperage, bakery, slaughterhouse, dock, offices and stylish residences for its principal officers; the whole designed and its construction supervised by the younger John Rennie, perhaps best known for completing t stone-arched London Bridge designed by his father; after which he was knighted.
These mechanical kegs had been built in the cooperage of Col.
Last spring, a small group of West Coast winemakers embarked on an oak-oriented tour of Hungary with well-informed executives of the Kadar Hungary cooperage who helped answer those questions.
the 11-acre site (of which ucc is the owner of 9 acres) includes distillery house (a protected structure) a disused vat store, the cooperage building and the bottling plant.
But the colourful past of the Cooperage on Newcastle's Quayside may not be enough to save it as it's been identified as in danger of being lost after it was added to Historic England's register of at-risk buildings on Thursday.