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A reduction in temperature, e.g. of a patient, a laboratory sample, or a chemical reagent.
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Patient discussion about cooling

Q. Is there any exercise which can cool my body and also help to reduce my fat belly and body? I am having big belly and fat body. My body is fatty and this makes me lazy and dull. I feel bad and have low self esteem. I have tried with exercise and it also helped me to get good body but I cannot keep it regular. Exercise makes my body which takes time to cool down. What shall I do? Is there any exercise which can cool my body and also help to reduce my fat belly and body?

A. i have to agree with william- swimming is a wonderful way to coll your body and loose weight. you can also run in the park during the winter, or skiing naked :)

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The global cooling fan market flourished at a rapid pace over the past few years and is expected to follow the same trend over the forecasted period (2019-2023) as well.
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Cooling capacity of the mosque is equivalent to cooling 2,000 medium-sized apartments
In a previous study (Aizawa 2018), we proposed a server room with zones based on heat densities (high, medium, or low) and a cooling system that utilized outside air.
The goal was to develop cooling technologies corresponding to high, medium, and low heat densities and an entire cooling system with a PUE of 1.0x (the level of PUE of around 1.0) to realize zero auxiliary power for cooling.
In many cases, power prices are relatively low, making district systems appear viable only at extremely high levels of cooling density.
Cool instant cooling towels were made to help people stay cool in such settings as the gym, playing sports or taking a walk in the woods.
Decades ago, the industry determined that centralized chillers delivered the best cooling efficiencies based on the efficiencies of ammonia as a refrigerant.
Today, increasing loads per rack have been the primary driver for finding an alternate means of cooling higher density loads than air cooling.
We saw how essential a cooling system is to the International Space Station in December, when one coolant pump failed.
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