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A reduction in temperature, e.g. of a patient, a laboratory sample, or a chemical reagent.
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Patient discussion about cooling

Q. Is there any exercise which can cool my body and also help to reduce my fat belly and body? I am having big belly and fat body. My body is fatty and this makes me lazy and dull. I feel bad and have low self esteem. I have tried with exercise and it also helped me to get good body but I cannot keep it regular. Exercise makes my body which takes time to cool down. What shall I do? Is there any exercise which can cool my body and also help to reduce my fat belly and body?

A. i have to agree with william- swimming is a wonderful way to coll your body and loose weight. you can also run in the park during the winter, or skiing naked :)

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Cool has received awards and patents in the instant cooling towel and cooling accessories categories.
I normally sleep with two pillows, but the Cool Touch is so deep and fluffy, I dispensed with the second.
Evaporation, enhanced by the air flow generated by powerful fans, serves to cool the water, normally collected in a sump at the bottom of the tower and pumped back to the furnace.
They were asked what qualities made people cool then rated friends with their own coolometer.
Gioia traces cool as it morphs through the American lexicon and emerges in the African American community as an ethos aimed at preserving dignity and providing protection against the violence which befell those who violated the cultural norms of racism.
For the quantity "M", on the cooling curve T = f(t), (fig.1 b)), corresponds another quantity namely the time needed to cool the respective point from temperature [T.sub.1] to temperature [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
In operation, spot cooling is an extremely efficient means of cooling people, processes and equipment because it directs a localized stream of cool air exactly where it is needed.
BASF's Industrial Coatings Solutions business has launched the Cool Color Challenge, a new program designed to not only promote cool-roof metal coatings in the construction industry, but also to showcase BASF's color matching abilities.
"MCI has a moving part line on the tool," says Phillips, "and we shoot one color before quickly pulling back some lifters and shooting the second color right behind it before it has a chance to cool and shrink.