Cookie Cutter

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Referring to a sharply circumscribed, or punched-out appearance with scalloped, vertical margins
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There is no cookie-cutter formula for these plans, and the area has been made more complicated by companies offering these programs to top managers in multiple business units.
Such software is obviously already used to some extent, but so far, at best, it is only used effectively on cookie-cutter business.
Fuel was added to this fire by a bevy of cookie-cutter solutions offered by the big management consulting firms, which possessed (and still possess) even less knowledge and awareness of our industry than those inexperienced MBAs who now are left holding the proverbial bag.
If you don't care for the chain because you associate it with cookie-cutter programming, you won't necessarily be impressed with its embrace of a cookie-cutter liberal talk format.
If I had a nickel for every textbook or exercise whose purpose and foundation are not understood by both teacher and student, I'd be a billionaire," says Botstein, a vocal critic of cookie-cutter approaches such as standardized testing and generic textbooks.
And in a sea of mass production and cookie-cutter sequels, handmade films are an assertion of the importance of the small, the unique and the individual.
Unfortunately, many agencies too often apply the cookie-cutter mentality in attempts at furthering the cause, practices, and philosophies of community policing.
Although you should avoid adopting a cookie-cutter policy, the AICPA's Management of an Accounting Practice Handbook has a sample policy that you can adapt for your business.
It is sometimes easier to work within the status quo, to stick with what has worked in the past, but that line of thinking frequently backfires and non-memorable cookie-cutter campaigns are the result.
I believe that automobile manufacturers have neglected the human element in the design of current cookie-cutter cars.
Cookie-cutter regulations that keep the forest industry in check were never intended for operations the size of most family forests.