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The preparation of comestibles by heating. In meats, overcooking can result in the production of carcinogenic polycyclic amines; undercooking carries the risk of parasitic (e.g., Taenia solium, T saginatus) or bacterial (e.g., Escherichia coli 0157:H7, Salmonella spp) infections.


[L. coquere, to cook]
The process of heating foods to prepare them for eating. Cooking makes most foods more palatable and easier to chew, improves their digestibility (and sometimes their nutrient bioavailability), and destroys or inactivates harmful organisms, or toxins that may be present. Cooking releases the aromatic substances and extractives that contribute odors and taste to foods. These odors help to stimulate the appetite.


Not all toxic substances are inactivated by heat. Most microorganisms and parasites are destroyed in the ordinary process of cooking when the food is heated to internal temperatures of 160°F to 175°F. Pork must be cooked completely throughout to kill the encysted larvae of Trichinella.


Protein: Soluble proteins become coagulated. Soluble substances: These, including heat-labile vitamins, are often inactivated by boiling, and even mineral substances and starches, although insoluble to a certain extent, may be altered in this process. Starch: The starch granules swell and are changed from insoluble (raw) starch to soluble starch capable of being converted into sugar during digestion and of being assimilated in the system.

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To successfully reheat cooked white or brown rice, place it in a container that allows at least 2-3 inches of extra room.
Chard is almost always tastiest cooked, and it cooks quickly because of its relatively thin leaves.
Fewer HCAs are found in fast-food burgers because they're cooked so quickly.
When pressed for time, rely on a stable of shortcut ingredients such as canned tomatoes, broth and beans, cut-up rotisserie chicken (added near the end of cooking time), tomato paste, frozen vegetables such as corn, pearl onions and edamame beans, dried mushrooms, cooked sausages.
Just be careful not to let the greens soak for a long time, or they will become waterlogged and will taste soggy when cooked.
Then they fed the animals diets differing only in whether some component--20 percent by weight of the sugar (sucrose), protein (casein), fat (beef tallow) or some combination of these--had been cooked (to 324[degrees]F).
When it's cooked, you should still be able to make out the salt baked onto the crisp skin.
When we liked something, my mother asked how it was cooked and then cooked it for us the next week.
If you need to change the timing of a recipe (unless the recipe specifies that it can only be cooked on one setting), figure that an hour on the high heat setting is equivalent to about two hours on the low heat setting.
Add shrimp and boil until cooked through, about 3 minutes.
If you're like many a cook, you rely on store-bought cooked whole chickens from time to time.
Turkeys thawed this way should be refrigerated or cooked immediately.