convulsive seizure

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con·vul·sive sei·zure

seizure with clonic or tonic-clonic motor activity.

convulsive seizure

Etymology: L, convulsio, cramp; OFr, seisir
a sudden onset of a disease, characterized by convulsions, palpitations, and other symptoms. The term is sometimes applied to an attack of an epileptic disorder.

con·vul·sive seiz·ure

(kŏn-vŭlsiv sēzhŭr)
One with clonic or tonic-clonic motor activity.


pertaining to, characterized by, or of the nature of a convulsion.

convulsive ergotism
see ergot1.
convulsive foal syndrome
see neonatal maladjustment syndrome.
convulsive seizure
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The researchers found that, after 113 days of use, Embrace detected 22 of the patient's 24 convulsive seizures, for a sensitivity of 92% and a false-alarm rate of 0.
When I had the convulsive seizures I was quite young and naive and I was doing things like swimming during the day which I probably shouldn't have been doing.
Jerking may proceed from one area of the body to another, and sometimes spreads to become a convulsive seizure.
The commonest aetiology of new onset partial or generalised convulsive seizures is NCC occurring in clusters followed by granuloma.
The 38-year-old Chinese female presented at our hospital on September 23, 2015, due to paroxysmal limb shaking accompanied by convulsive seizures for 20 years, which initially manifested as hand tremors at the age of 18 years when she inadvertently dropped a comb while combing her hair early in the morning.
Incoordination and convulsive seizures occur most frequently.
It can also detect unusual events such as convulsive seizures in real time and sends an alert to the patient's care givers using an associated app or text message.
Cross and colleagues recently published an intriguing paper entitled "Are we failing to provide adequate rescue medication to children at risk of prolonged convulsive seizures in schools?
4% for convulsive seizures, which were similar to the rates of all older AEDs combined (34.
Effect of pentylenetetrazole and sound stimulation induced single and repeated convulsive seizures on the MDA, GSH and NO levels, and SOD activities in rat liver and kidney tissues.
He also found weaker associations between specific groups of long noncoding RNAs and Alzheimer's disease, convulsive seizures, major depressive disorder and various cancers.
Almost all had convulsive seizures prior to presenting (92%) and more than half were being cared for on the floor (Pediatrics 2012;129:e748-55).