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"I was standing or squatting on the platform and he was clearly dazed and shaking and convulsing and couldn't hear anything probably, or that was my thinking," Clifton said.
The gulls appeared to start convulsing and then collapsed.
leonurus did not affect the incidence of the seizures while 400 mg/kg protected 12.5% of the mice convulsing. However, the standard antiepileptic drugs, phenobarbitone (10 mg/kg) and diazepam (0.50 mg/kg) did not affect the seizures produced by NMDLA to any significant effect (Table 5).
The man, aged 24, died shortly after convulsing in the ambulance.
A UNIVERSITY Rugby League game was abandoned when a student clashed heads with an opponent and began convulsing on the pitch.
He was convulsing and making some pretty bad noises.
Chairman of the British Divers Marine Life Rescue group Alan Knight said: 'We had a phone call from the vet saying that it had started convulsing and while he was on the phone it died.
The 13-year-oldAlsatian starting whining and jumping about in the car when his owner's 18-month- old daughter Shona began convulsing.Shona'sparents,Marion Derrane, 39, and Mick McDonald,44,from near Brighton, turned round to see their daughter struggling for breath.
The faithful family dog, Max, starting whining and jumping about in the car when his owner's 18-month-old daughter Shona began convulsing.
With his savage, intelligent wit and his "I can't believe he just said that" charm, Landry has been convulsing audiences since he and director-actor Jim Byrne started the anarchic drag troupe the Gold Dust Orphans in the mid 1990s.
Tim, who's been teaching English in Bangkok for 18 months, said: "We got them out and one was convulsing. It was desperate and some churchgoers even came along chanting a sort of exorcism ritual.
He had been taken to King's College Hospital for treatment on Sunday morning after being found collapsed and convulsing near the SE1 nightclub under London Bridge railway station.