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v. con·vulsed, con·vulsing, con·vulses
To affect with irregular and involuntary muscular contractions; throw into convulsions.
To become affected by convulsions; shake.

Patient discussion about convulse

Q. my friend has convulsions what can i do to make it stop and improve his life quality?

A. what type of convulsions? my best friend is epileptic, but as long as he get's his meds and sleep well- nothing ever happens. i know that as a child all my friend ever wanted was to go to school like everyone else... and to go to school trips without being afraid.

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When strife convulses a country, these organizations typically try to avoid the fracas and so retreat until the residents simmer down.
Meek's agonized solo as the evening's first victim astounds: suspended by one arm in a tucked position, he convulses for several scary minutes.
Motorized, it convulses at intervals, rotating an array of rectangles made out of mirrored glass, each sandblasted with a single word.