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v. con·vulsed, con·vulsing, con·vulses
To affect with irregular and involuntary muscular contractions; throw into convulsions.
To become affected by convulsions; shake.
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Q. my friend has convulsions what can i do to make it stop and improve his life quality?

A. what type of convulsions? my best friend is epileptic, but as long as he get's his meds and sleep well- nothing ever happens. i know that as a child all my friend ever wanted was to go to school like everyone else... and to go to school trips without being afraid.

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and inconsiderate of weakness: fears that convulse the summer night with shame and set earth, sea and stars in tumult.
"I told him we had to watch a young mom convulse and pass out over and over for 2 hours!"
He also confessed that the incident took place in a hotel room, adding the mixture of drugs and alcohol made his body convulse so much that he broke four ribs.
italy: Management at an Italian funfair have withdrawn an attraction allowing visitors to watch a dummy suffer a grisly execution in an electric chair.Ricardo Trebino, a director at Luna Park in a Milan suburb, said that "we have decided to pardon the prisoner" following consultations with the district's mayor and in light of public protests.Italy has been at the forefront of a campaign at the United Nations General Assembly for a worldwide moratorium on the death penalty.After paying one euro ($1.60), visitors saw the mannequin, naked from the waist up, tremble and convulse whilst strapped in the chair, and its hair begin to burn.The manager of the funfair, Yuri Simone, said there were 50 "executions" a day, with 150 on Sunday.