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Rolled together with one part over the other; in the shape of a roll or scroll.
Synonym(s): convoluted
[L. con-volvo, pp. -volutus, to roll together]
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, convoluted (kŏn′vō-loot; -loot′ĕd) [L. convolvere, to roll together]
Rolled, as a scroll.
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The will's breaking from sin occurs definitively, if convolutedly, at the level of scholastic disputation.
Ioanna Karamanou stands out in "Heart Smart," while Marilyn Wales and Lynn Armstrong do a fine job with "On the Porch One Crisp Spring Morning," a convolutedly entertaining piece about a mother and daughter attempting to poison each other.
Following a genuine shock at the hour mark, pic becomes an enthralling, if convolutedly edited, crimer, involving murder, betrayal and a neat twist in the final reel.
When the ship announced so convolutedly by Ziba arrives to rescue them, the Duke and Sibylla cannot simply rejoice; the Duke's first exclamation, 'Blest hour!', immediately gives way to complex self-scrutiny (again, I quote the text of 1829): And yet how palely, with what faded lips Do we salute this unhoped change of fortune!