convoluted tubule of kidney

con·vo·lut·ed tu·bule of kid·ney

the highly convoluted segments of the nephron in the renal labyrinth that make up the proximal convoluted tubule, which leads from the glomerular capsule to the descending thick limb of the nephronic loop, and the distal convoluted tubule, which leads from the ascending thick limb of the nephronic loop to the collecting tube.
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Antoine, French anatomist, 1693-1769.
Ferrein canal - a space between the closed lids and the eyeball through which the tears flow to the punctum lacrimale. Synonym(s): rivus lacrimalis
Ferrein cords
Ferrein foramen - the opening on the anterior aspect of the petrous part of the temporal bone which leads to the facial canal and gives passage to the greater petrosal nerve. Synonym(s): hiatus of facial canal
Ferrein ligament - the capsular ligament that passes obliquely down and backward across the lateral surface of temporomandibular joint. Synonym(s): lateral temporomandibular ligament
Ferrein pyramid - the center of the renal lobule, which has the shape of a small, steep pyramid, consisting of straight tubular parts. Synonym(s): medullary ray; processus ferreini
Ferrein tube - Synonym(s): convoluted tubule of kidney
Ferrein vasa aberrantia - biliary canaliculi that are not connected with hepatic lobules.
processus ferreini - Synonym(s): Ferrein pyramid
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