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Rolled together with one part over the other; in the shape of a roll or scroll.
Synonym(s): convoluted
[L. con-volvo, pp. -volutus, to roll together]
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, convoluted (kŏn′vō-loot; -loot′ĕd) [L. convolvere, to roll together]
Rolled, as a scroll.
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Also, comparing to the control animals, we revealed the increasing of the average size of epithelian cells of the proximal convoluted tubule in 9.49%, and decreasing of the size of the nuclear in 16.88% (P[less than or equal to]0.05) (see Table 1).
In table 2, the general effect of varying the convolute design parameters will give a designer an understanding of the range of variables to adjust to achieve the balance of performance desired in a convoluted bellows for a wide variety of applications.
Commissioner Richard Thomas said the principles behind the law were sound but the act itself was a "convoluted piece of jargon".
If Stanford is correct, then the time line of human development dramatically changes, and our ancestry becomes more convoluted than the linear apes-to-hominids-to-humans pathway that's usually sketched by anthropologists.
The problem with all the convoluted, trying to have it both ways, hairsplitting arguments against gay marriage is that it involves people.
Only zealots of the welfare state--having cooked up a Medicare stew with 110,000 pages of regulations and 4,000 pricing systems--would have the nerve to suggest that the real recipe for success would be a more convoluted government jambalaya.
Two types of convoluted diaphragm instruments detect small changes in differential pressure while eliminating fluid migration between high and low pressure.
Garth Crooks's convoluted questioning has already become legend, but the athletics coverage from Manchester set world records for banality and conflict of interest, with Sally Gunnell in the gold medal position.
Anyone who has tried to explain a convoluted opera plot to another is glaringly aware of difficulties that may arise.
Most of the chapters are structured around the convoluted histories of what Hunt terms "signifying objects," that is the things such as crocodiles, airplanes, bicycles and forceps that emerge as central, remembered terms of the period.