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1. The state of being convex.
2. A convex structure.
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The H angle, Soft tissue facial angle, Nose prominence, Upper lip sulcus depth (upper lip curl), Basic upper lip thickness, Upper lip thickness, Upper lip strain, Skeletal profile convexity, Soft tissue subnasale to H line, Lower lip to H line, Inferior sulcus to the H line (lower lip sulcus depth), and Soft tissue chin thickness measurements were analyzed using the definitions provided by Holdaway10 (Fig 1).
Importantly, this result is general: it allows for an arbitrary multi-input multi-output technology, and it applies with or without convexity.
Here we have used the convexity assumption in the objective function and linear constraints.
In this paper, we are concerned with the the relation between the positivity of the vth order nabla q-fractional difference and the monotonicity and convexity of f (t).
Under the first setting, we show that an individual's behavior depends crucially on the convexity of his instantaneous utility: when convexity holds, he either always undertakes the activity or always refrains; when convexity fails, we show that there might be other absorbing states.
p](z), for example, on its close-to convexity, star likeness, and convexity, and radius of star likeness and convexity.
Translating the MC-PDP to a generic graph requires the definition of an efficient and practical condition for set convexity that we derive from the classical definition of convexity in graphs.
Kybella (deoxycholic acid) injection is indicated for improvement in the appearance of moderate to severe convexity or fullness associated with submental fat in adults.
The three most common locations are parasagittal falx (25%), convexity (20%) and sphenoid wing (15-20%).
In the next article we'll discuss two very important concepts pertaining to fixed income securities: duration and convexity.
In particular, shape parameters such as particle convexity and circularity are shown to be important in differentiating primary particles and agglomerates.