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1. The state of being convex.
2. A convex structure.
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Decrease in soft tissue convexity was reported after Herbst19 and Twin Block therapies20.
It is therefore necessary to flatten the cartilage in order to avoid excessive convexity that would go against these esthetic norms.
Central to BMO's business transformation strategy, the new BMO Tower will be developed by Riverside Investment & Development and Convexity Properties, in partnership with the bank.
Owned by DRW company Convexity Properties, the 260-unit Hub at Columbia provides high-rise housing for University of South Carolina students located in downtown Columbia.
Objective: To assess reduction of profile convexity, correction of molar and canine relationship and achievement of normal over jet using Clark's Twin Block appliance in growing subjects having skeletal class II patterns.
The Flyp is the first product from Convexity Scientific, and it hopes to replace the cumbersome nebulizers of yesteryear.
When naming a scoliotic curve, it is named for the side of convexity. For example, the curve seen in Figure 1A is a right lumbar C-scoliosis; Figure 1B demonstrates a right lumbar, left thoracic S-scoliosis; and Figure 1C shows a right lumbar, left thoracic, and right cervicothoracic double S-scoliosis.
This was the same for convexity, falx/parasagittal and skull base meningiomas.
convexity, often with evidence of other trauma, and that IT DOES NOT
Medtech company Convexity Scientific revealed on Tuesday the availability of its FLYP nebulizer with the HypersoniQ technology for the treatment of respiratory diseases and pulmonary conditions.
Sigmoid volvulus presents as an inner tube or with a coffee bean sign with convexity to the right upper quadrant (RUQ) (opposite side of the obstruction).