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1. The state of being convex.
2. A convex structure.
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Characteristics of the clinical diagnosis of granuloma gluteale infantum are "red-purple to red-brown, round to oval, deep, firm nodules with central ulceration," with a "classic distribution over the convexities of the gluteal region, sparing the inguinal folds," Dr.
Zhang, "The SCHur concavity, SCHur multiplicative and harmonic convexities of the second dual form of the Hamy symmetric function with applications," Journal of Multivariate Analysis, vol.
Such a model is strongly related with abstract convexities [vdV93].
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In these investigations, it was shown that the origin of convexities in the form of the intertropical convergence zone (ITCZ), having distinct configurations, can lead to the formation of different large-scale vortices, in particular, a cyclonic vortex, pair of cyclonic-anticyclonic vortices, and pair of cyclonic vortices, during the period not longer than three days.