conversion hysteria

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con·ver·sion hys·te·ri·a

an older term for a conversion disorder.
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con·ver·sion hys·te·ri·a

(kŏn-vĕr'zhŭn his-ter'ē-ă)
Hysteria characterized by the substitution of physical signs or symptoms (e.g., blindness, deafness, and paralysis) for anxiety.
Synonym(s): conversion hysteria neurosis, conversion reaction.
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(his-te're-a) [Gr. hystera, uterus]
A pejorative term used in popular speech to mean a conversion reaction or a widely fluctuating expression of emotions.


Currently accepted nomenclature for mental disorders does not include the term hysteria; it is included here for historical reasons. See: mass psychogenic illness; somatization disorder


Symptoms include emotional instability, sensory disturbances, loss of motor function, or other disorders.


It may be related to emotional or physical stress.


Rest and reassurance are cornerstones of management.

anxiety hysteria

Hysteria combined with an anxiety neurosis.

conversion hysteria

Conversion disorder.

epidemic hysteria

Mass sociogenic illness.

major hysteria

Agitated behavior, sometimes accompanied by pseudoseizures.

mass hysteria

Mass sociogenic illness.
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