conventional signs

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con·ven·tion·al signs

signs that acquire their function through social (linguistic) custom; for example, words, mathematical symbols.
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con·ven·tion·al signs

(kŏn-ven'shŭn-ăl sīnz)
Signs that acquire their function through social (linguistic) custom (e.g., words, mathematical symbols).
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We conclude that the distinction between natural and conventional signs exists also at the molecular level, and represents in fact a divide between two very different types of molecular processes.
The [FOREIGN LANGAUGE NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII TEXT], the conventional signs, and the betoch are also reproduced in the transcription.
Many possible worlds are constructed by the fabric of conventional signs we weave about ourselves in both the arts and the sciences.
While there may be some highly conventional signs that involve no iconic or indexical elements and hence are pure symbols, our usual examples of icons and indices are not pure.
In his writings on semantics and logic, William of Ockham combines two very strong claims about mental language: that mental terms are naturally prior to and determinative of the signification of conventional signs and that mental language contains neither synonymous nor equivocal terms.(1) The first claim represents the role mental language has in explaining the origins, structure, and content of thought and language.
Rather than use conventional signs to identify the deli, bakery, meat and other departments, the company installed blue vinyl awnings that proclaim "the bake shop," "the butcher shop" and so on.
Starting with pictographic symbols, the Sumerians later used conventional signs, writing, and transferring them on soft clay tablets using a stylus.
Newspaper readers, on the other hand, were believed to want general orientation, broad outline and a clean presentation that illustrated the story; with them, background technical knowledge, specifically military conventional signs, could not be assumed.
Over the years, the city has tried to direct hikers to the top of the summit along certain routes by using conventional signs affixed to wooden posts, trail markers attached to rocks, wooden fences, even piles of stones mortared together.
This does not mean that the system employs natural rather than conventional signs, it just means that the system cannot be shown to be conventional in any significant way.

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