conventional sign

con·ven·tion·al sign

Any of various signs, such as words or symbols, that acquire their function through linguistic custom.
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These models are collected around ten areas of relevance for both fields, forming separate chapters: Sounding, Spot Elevation, Isobath/Contour, Hachure/Hatch, Shaded Relief, Land Classification, Figure-Ground, Stratigraphic Column, Cross Section, Line Symbol and Conventional Sign.
The authors cover the following modes through comparing and contrasting them: sounding, spot elevation, isobath, contour, hachure, hatch, shaded relief, land classification, figure-ground, stratigraphic column, cross section, line symbol, and conventional sign over the course of the bookAEs ten chapters.
On the other hand, deaf people who acquire conventional sign language as children can learn the meaning of large numbers.
Yet the emotional and psychological qualities for which "reality" was employed in the work of these earlier artists have here been taken past the limits of their conventional sign value.
As well as that unfathomable managerial semaphore of waving arms on the touchline, Holloway had to learn conventional sign language to communicate with them.
This makes the projects look like conventional sign systems--with a difference.
A dark cloak or mantle (worn over other garments) was a conventional sign of mourning or sorrow (OLD s.
From the fact that the characteristics of a sign are affected by convention it does not follow that the sign is a conventional sign.
In a short period of time schools of the two above mentioned communities were furnished with anti-fire panels, first-aid boxes, stretchers, loudspeakers, evacuation schemes, conventional signs intended for evacuation, and furniture items existing at the school (cabinets, shelves, etc.
Everyone is aware of the conventional signs of cyclicality in the economy, namely of activity speeding up or slowing down, and prices rising or falling.
At various times, the city has tried to direct hikers to the top of the summit along certain routes by using conventional signs fixed to wooden posts, trail markers attached to rocks, wooden fences, even piles of stones mortared together.

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