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As mentioned before, the most commonly used convection correlations at window surfaces are based on the assumption that natural convection is the dominant mode of convective heat transfer.
He reported five combinations of microwave, convection and browner cooking, and 100 preprogrammed cooking modes.
On laminar hydromagnetic mixed convection flow in a vertical channel with symmetric and asymmetric wall heating conditions, Int.
A fundamental difference between convection reflow and VPS is heat transfer efficiency.
The influence of natural convection on the thermal quality of insulated cavity construction, Building Research and Practice 6: 345-354.
When using the gravity convection feature of a microbiological incubator, temperature distribution is based on warm air moving upward, although there is no fan to actively distribute air inside the chamber.
However, only two locations - the tropics and China - showed stronger convection.
In 1968, scientists theorized that even longer-lived and larger convection cells, big enough to span the entire convective zone, maintain the fast rotation researchers had long observed around the sun's equator; without such cells, the poles should rotate faster than the equator.
The JTWC has stated that due to the presence of a poorly defined, low level circulation and decrease in central convection, there is no potential for the development of a significant tropical cyclone.
The influence of Soret-induced solute buoyancy forces on the natural convection of a binary fluid saturating a porous enclosure has received only limited attention although its importance in many engineering practices.
He covers equations, general concepts, and methods of analysis; classical models, characteristic numbers, and scaling arguments; examples of thermal fluid convection and pattern formation in nature and technology; thermogravitation convection and the Rayleigh-Benard problem; the dynamics of thermal plumes and related regimes of motion; systems heated from the side and the Hadly flow; thermogravitational convections in inclined systems; thermovibrational convection; Marangoni-Benard convection; thermocapillary convection; mixed boyancy-Marangoni convection; hybrid regimes with vibrations; and flow control by magnetic fields.