controlled vocabulary

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a list of words and terms, sometimes accompanied by definitions or translations.
controlled vocabulary an artificial language for the representation of attributes of entities, e.g., subjects of documents.
standardized vocabulary language (def. 3).

controlled vocabulary

A finite set of values used in a clinical trial that represent the only allowed values for a data item. These values may be codes, text, or numeric.


subjected to control.

controlled breeding
manipulation of mating and conception so as take advantage of seasonal demands for products, most favorable time for fertility or survival of offspring or for the purpose of controlling the size of the population. Includes managemental deferral of breeding, permanent surgical interference with male or female tracts and temporary hormonal suppression of reproductive activity.
controlled environment
buildings in which all food and drinking water are supplied and ambient temperature, humidity, air movement and light provision are controlled.
controlled experiment
one in which the experimental group which is to be subjected to a treatment or change in management is matched with a group which is very similar in every way except with respect to the variable that is to be manipulated.
controlled release glass bolus
see soluble glass.
controlled vocabulary
a database in which the names of diagnoses or medicines, etc. are limited to avoid a continual expansion of the titles, making comparisons between groups difficult.
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The controlled vocabulary referenced here, HIV/AIDS and HIV/AIDS-Related Terminology: A Means of Organizing the Body of Knowledge (Huber & Gillaspy, 1996b), was developed in direct response to a need voiced within AIDS service organizations (ASOs) across the United States--i.
KEA++ needs to be trained on a set of documents along with their controlled vocabulary before extracting unknown semantic keyphrases from documents.
They did, however, make use of a standard controlled vocabulary (LCSH) to represent the documents within the collection.
have pupils read the controlled vocabulary sections with enthusiasm.
As a result of user feedback during the pilot project, the taxonomy will need to be refined; the controlled vocabulary and/or thesaurus may require modification.
The content of Live Search Books is even harder to assess, because of its lack of controlled vocabulary.
Students conversant with using Internet subject directories such as Yahoo find the hierarchical approach of this database familiar, and librarians appreciate the ability to reinforce the utility of controlled vocabulary subject headings.
The BKL Plant offers Gene Ontology (GO) assignments, plant specific controlled vocabulary assignments for gene expression and phenotype attributes as well as signal transduction and metabolic pathway data.
We leveraged our medical subject matter experts and our significant experience of handling controlled vocabulary development and maintenance assignments in a variety of topical areas in the past.
By controlling the environment through the use of standardized call numbers and controlled vocabulary for subject headings, we have frozen the pieces of information and legitimized their presence as parts of our OPAC.
Finally, he places the system in the context of the networked environment and explains Faceted Application of Subject Terminology (FAST), the LCSH-based controlled vocabulary designed for electronic resources that is currently under development at the Online Computer Library Center.
How to search (includes Boolean, keyword, subject searching, controlled vocabulary, field searching, truncation, proximity, etc.

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