controlled vocabulary

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a list of words and terms, sometimes accompanied by definitions or translations.
controlled vocabulary an artificial language for the representation of attributes of entities, e.g., subjects of documents.
standardized vocabulary language (def. 3).
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controlled vocabulary

A finite set of values used in a clinical trial that represent the only allowed values for a data item. These values may be codes, text, or numeric.
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Time will tell if this controlled vocabulary will survive.
KEA++ needs to be trained on a set of documents along with their controlled vocabulary before extracting unknown semantic keyphrases from documents.
They did, however, make use of a standard controlled vocabulary (LCSH) to represent the documents within the collection.
Now begins the arduous task of grouping similar documents together, deciding on the group names, and developing the controlled vocabulary and/or thesaurus.
The exercise of deriving a structured controlled vocabulary in the form of a faceted scheme was key to understanding components in the collection.
* Learn the differences between a controlled vocabulary and a folksonomy, including a discussion on the importance of authority control and how databases use subject headings to avoid the pitfalls attached to user-generated search categories.
Not anyone can be allowed to make changes on a whim to the term store structure because all managed metadata fields throughout the solution use it as the source for controlled vocabulary. Term store administration must be considered within the realm of information governance and include change control that addresses formal review processes important for quality assurance and consistency, standard practices for adaptability to changes in the business environment and an evaluation of costs and benefits of proposed modifications including the impact on the existing environment in terms of retagging of content and retraining for publishers and consumers.
Setting up the controlled vocabulary and facets requires one to "go into the data and ask 'what are the latent semantic issues that will be asked' ...
The content of Live Search Books is even harder to assess, because of its lack of controlled vocabulary. The strength of Live Search really lies in getting a good group of core books and floating them to the top of the list, as opposed to delving deep into the "long tail" of the written word.
Annotation standards need to be defined using a controlled vocabulary and data confidence measures.
This paper discusses basal reading instruction, individualized reading, sustained silent reading, the big book approach, and controlled vocabulary readers.
A controlled vocabulary, in the broadest sense, is any group of preferred labels used as a naming convention or topics identified according to a set of explicit rules, such as how they are organized, how they are applied to content, and how new ones are added.

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