controlled release

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con·trolled re·lease

(kŏn-trōld rĕ-lēs)
Delivery of a chemotherapeutic agent to a site-specific area. The agent is released from the carrier device at a fixed rate (e.g., by a dermal patch or a polymeric fiber, such as that used to deliver a therapeutic agent to a periodontal pocket).
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The resulting Matrix is non-porous, biocompatible and it can be designed to biodegrade by matrix dissolution at the desired rate to ensure a tightly controlled release of the active substance over periods of days up to many months or a year.
Developing and manufacturing controlled release dosage forms requires a uniquely high level of skill and pharmaceutical companies are increasingly asking their CDMOs for these services.
There is a free volume at Novi Pazar 1 dam, but controlled release began.
Now running for 15 years, Controlled Release Delivery 2018 aims to explore and to understand innovations in oral-lipid based and abuse deterrent formulations, nanoparticles and nanotechnologies, taste-masking and controlled release approaches, 3D printed dosage forms and functional film coats.
Controlled release urea (CRU) is an excellent way to minimize nitrogen losses, improve fertilizer uptake efficiency, reduce inorganic nitrogen accumulation in the soil and its associated risk of loss, and reduce seedling injury [8, 9].
Material and Methods: The study aims to design, formulate and evaluate controlled release matrix tablets of Clarithromycin were formulated at different drug-to-polymer (D:P) ratios (10:3, 10:4 and 10:5) using Eudragit RS 100, Methocel(r) polymers as release retarding agents.
Based on the results, a controlled release system of drug with high compatibility can be obtained by loading the drug on nanodendrimers.
Luber-finer TRT oil filters provide a controlled release of a specially formulated, highly concentrated liquid additive into the oil supply, helping the oil maintain its quality longer.
Around 600 people from Pennal, Gwynedd were told to leave their homes after the breach, and only let back after a controlled release of water by emergency services.
Google said it likes the controlled release because it allows them to fix any bugs that may appear.

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