controlled release

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con·trolled re·lease

(kŏn-trōld rĕ-lēs)
Delivery of a chemotherapeutic agent to a site-specific area. The agent is released from the carrier device at a fixed rate (e.g., by a dermal patch or a polymeric fiber, such as that used to deliver a therapeutic agent to a periodontal pocket).
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MHRA's Pharmaceutical Assessor, Marion Westwood, will share an opening address on Day One titled, "Supporting innovation in controlled release and combination products.
20 September 2010 - Dutch-based drug delivery company OctoPlus NV (AMS: OCTO) said today that it has signed a feasibility agreement with an unnamedA US-based pharmaceutical company relating to the use of OctoPlus' controlled release technology.
As part of this controlled release program, Inhale has begun initial research funded by Pfizer Inc.
In addition to the array of pharma case studies, SMi is proud to announce that the MHRA and US FDA will be sharing their own unique perspectives at the 13th annual Controlled Release conference, taking place on 18th - 19th April 2016 in London, highlighting scientific and regulatory challenges, along with how these have been overcome:
Furthermore, the MHRA and the US FDA will be sharing case studies at the 13th annual Controlled Release conference:

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