controlled mechanical ventilation

con·trolled me·chan·i·cal ven·ti·la·tion (CMV),

artificial ventilation in which all inspirations are provided by positive pressure applied to the airway, without regard to the patient's own efforts at breathing. In current clinical practice, this mode is almost never used.

controlled mechanical ventilation

A method of artificial ventilation in which all inspirations occur as a result of positive pressure applied to the airway.

con·trolled me·chan·i·cal ven·ti·la·tion

(kŏn-trōld' mĕ-kan'i-kăl ven'ti-lā'shŭn)
A term sometimes applied to a mode of mechanical ventilation that provides a breath sequence independent of the patient's inspiratory effort.
Synonym(s): continuous mandatory ventilation, continuous positive pressure ventilation, intermittent positive pressure breathing.
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