controlled drugs

controlled drugs

Psychoactive and or potentially addictive agents that are governed by the UK’s Misuse of Drugs Safe Custody Regulations 1973, amended 2007 (MDR), the current iteration of which divides the agents into five schedules:

Schedule 1 Controlled drugs
No recognised medicinal value; use requires controlled drugs licence for use, usually in research settings.

Cannibis sativa extract, mescaline, lysergide.

Schedule 2 Controlled drugs
Subject to safe custody requirements of MDR. They must be stored in a locked receptacle, and can only be opened by the person in lawful possession of the controlled drug (CD) or his/her agent. Supply restricted to licensed wholesalers, practitioners, hospitals and registered pharmacies. Wholesalers can only supply a person authorised to possess these drugs. Practitioners can only supply their patients. Hospitals may supply patients, wards and practitioners. Pharmacies may supply on receipt of a valid prescription or signed order.

100 agents are Schedule 2 drugs, including opiates, major stimulants, secobarbital and amphetamine.

Schedule 3 Controlled drugs
Subject to safe custody requirements, as above.

Substances perceived as being open to abuse, but less so than Schedule 2 controlled drugs. Schedule 3 contains synthetic opioids and other substances including temazepam.

Schedule 4 Controlled drugs

Part 1 Benzodiazepines
Contains most of the benzodiazepines, except flunitrazepam, midazolam and temazepam (Schedule 3), plus zolpidem, fencamfamin, mesocarb and others.

Part 2 Anabolic steroids and androgenic steroids
Testosterone, clenbuterol (adrenoreceptor stimulant) and growth hormones (5 polypeptide hormones).
There are no statutory requirements to record Schedule 4 controlled drugs, and their possession is not an offence if the holder has a valid prescription.

Schedule 5 Controlled drugs
Contains preparations of certain controlled drugs—e.g., codeine, pholcodine, morphine—which are exempt from full control when in medicinal products of low strengths.
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GMP detectives said that so far, controlled drugs worth more than PS2m, more than PS30,000 in cash and a gun have been seized under Operation Heart, launched to investigate the supply of Class A and B drugs.
Mohammed Khalin Hussain, 33, and Ibras Khan, 30, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supplying controlled drugs (cocaine).
THE Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) has seized nine 40ft containers of tramadol and other controlled drugs with duty paid value of N3.06 billion at Onne Port, Rivers.
On receiving complaints regarding illegal purchase and sale of such controlled drugs particularly Xanax, Senior Drug Inspector Islamabad Sardar Shabbir Ahmed taking notice of the situation, made surprise visit to United Distributors Limited (UDL) Islamabad, which is the authorized agent of Ms Pfizer, Karachi who is the manufacturer of Xanax.
The committee discussed, among other things, the process of prescribing and dispensing controlled drugs by a general practitioner.
Three women, aged in their late teens and from Merseyside, were arrested for being concerned in the supply of class A controlled drugs and money laundering, and a 46-yearold local woman was arrested for the same offence and for being wanted on warrant.
Within the competencies and standards established by the NANB Board of Directors, NPs have the authority to prescribe drugs and since September 2014, NPs have been prescribing controlled drugs and substances.
They were sentenced at Craigavon Crown Court for their role in the supply of controlled drugs by an organised crime gang operating in Derry and Co Donegal.
A man was detained and charged with being concerned in the supply of controlled drugs and PS80,000 of narcotics were recovered.
ISLAMABAD -- Drug Regulatory Authority Pakistan (DRAP) and Custom authorities in a combined operation raided and stopped the illicit trafficking of purported spurious controlled drugs.
People living nearby watched as police brought out items from the house and a man and women were arrested on suspicion of being involved in the supply of controlled drugs.

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